Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Am Ufer der Seine bei Bennecourt


Claude Monet: On the Seine at Bennecourt, 1868
Am Ufer der Seine bei Bennecourt • Au Bord de l'eau, Bennecourt
Chicago (IL), The Art Institute of Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. Palmer Collection, 1922.427

Also reproduced in Claude Monet, Benedikt Taschen Verlag

Dear Steve & Jack,

Hope it's actually summer in SF, as it is here. Steve - 49 states?!? Now you're two ahead of me. That'll never do. I need to drive to both SC & Ore. to catch up.


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Geof Huth said...

That means I'm one state ahead of you. And I hope to make it to Hawaii by next February, leaving only Alaska.


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