Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Boghosian Raisins



“When attacking a mountain like Everest or K2, every part of my planning and preparation must be correct. That includes the food I bring. Boghosian Raisins have been in my rations on all my expeditions. Why? …because I need food that is high in carbohydrates…a food that packs and travels well… even more important, a food that tastes great.” • “Believe me, when I’m clinging to rocks at 26,000 feet and have been away from home-cooking for 2 months, munching on sweet, chewy Boghosian Raisins can be a real treat.” • “I’ve taken raisins with me throughout the Himalayas and on expeditions to all seven continents. I’ve learned to carry only what I need… and what I enjoy. Boghosian Raisins continue to be in my food bags.”

Phil Ershler
Professional Guide

Dear Geof & Nancy,

This is what you need on your many travels, Geof. Just thing when you’re slogging through labyrinthine archives.


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