Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hitch a Ride on a Comet


The word comet -- from the Greek, meaning "long-haired" -- is an apt description for what may appear to be a blur or smudge in the heavens. This Hubble Space Telescope picture shows Hall-Bopp against a stellar backdrop in the constellation Sagittarius. The stars are streaked due to a combination of Hubble's orbital motion and its tracking of the nucleus.

Courtesy of H.A. Weaver (Applied Research Corp.), P.D. Feldman (Johns Hopkins Univ.), and NASA.

Dear Jay, Deb & Dees,

If I remember right, this was the comet that the Applewhite cult offed themselves to pursue. It was so bright in the spring of '97 that I could see it from Chicago, despite city lights.


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